The Kelly McGinnis Memorial Foundation is delighted to announce our 2010 Award recipients:
Awards throughout the years:

Crawford's School of IDEA Auto Shop
"I would like to say thank you from the staff and students of Crawford's School of IDEA Auto Shop. We received the shipment of tools and equipment a couple of days ago. Just waiting for the guys from Hunter Engineering to come by and give us some training."

~ Mr. Kingsbury
ASE Master Technician - NATEF Automotive Instructor
Crawford Educational Complex
IDEA-Invention and Design Educational Academy

Students in the IDEA Auto Shop Program
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Scripps Ranch High School - Culinary Arts and Management
The KMMF provided funds to help several students participate in the Pro Start Culinary Cup in Sacramento, CA on March 5th & 6th. This competition provided these students with real world experience and exposed them to opportunities for scholarships and grants to Career Technology Education (CTE) programs and schools.
Over the past few months, these students held several fund raisers to help meet their financial needs. The KMMF is proud to help these students complete their financial requirement. The ROP coordinator, Kimberly Coelho, wrote the KMMF, "I am pleased to report, the competition went very well, and the students had an experience of a lifetime. They were extremely grateful for the experience, to get a chance to compete against 11 other teams and get valuable feedback from veteran chefs in the industry. Although they did not place in the top three, it was a huge learning experience for them. I want to thank you once again for your generous donation that made all this possible."
The images above include dishes the students produced at the competition.
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Scholarship award to Matt Tallman
Matt Tallman is a graduating senior from Ramona High School. He is interested in auto mechanics, and has competed in Drag Race High, NHRA, and Ford Triple A competitions. He voluntarily showed up for every zero-hour class (an elective program that is held in the hour before the start of the school day) for three years. Currently, Matt works at an automotive fabrication shop and is working on his ASE technician certification. The KMMF is delighted to award him $1500.00 for furthering his education and purchasing tools to help him be successful in his field.

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Scholarship award to Matt Hodges
Matt Hodges is a graduating senior from Steele Canyon High School. Matt submitted an application the size of a small book, and shared information with us on his education, his dreams, his grades and his hobbies. Matt would like to be a certified welder. The KMMF is sending Matt to the San Diego City College Welding Program. They offer 3 levels of certification, and each time Matt completes the 15-week classes and earns a certification, we are going to send him back for the next one. The foundation will be paying for his tuition and supplies, up to $8500.00.

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Video camera and wireless microphone
The students at San Diego High School will be taking part in "Road Trip Nation". They received a cannon ZR960 and a set of wireless microphones. They will videotape and review interviews of people talking about their life paths and the choices that led them into their careers. In doing so, we hope the student will discover opportunities to explore and gain valuable insight into various careers.

In the above picture, left to right, are Joseph Pena, a Junior who loves cars and wants to work with his hands, Yaritza Tello, a Sophomore who wants to be a nurse, Hasani Byas, a Junior who loves football and hasn't decided yet what his life's work will be, Lupe Brito, a Senior who wants to become a chef and own a restaruant, and Kayla Sly, a Junior who wants to be an opera performer.
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Photography cabinet
"Thank you so much! The students and I greatly appreciate and will put this cabinet to good use."

~ Chris Mutter
Lincoln High School

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Auto equipment for Madison High School
The students under the care of Mr. Sevilla at Madison High School have received almost $3000 of equipment for use with their auto program. These items were provided during the opening ceremony of their new auto facility. See pictures below of the ceremony, their new auto facility and of auto students unloading the goods from The KMMF.

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