The Kelly McGinnis Memorial Foundation is delighted to announce our award recipients for 2011:

Awards throughout the years:

Scripps Ranch High School Arts, Media and Entertainment Department
"That is great. We are very appreciative for the contribution to Scripps Ranch. The Camcorder would be a good fit for the class. That way they can start videoing and understanding video concepts. ."

~ Mr. Clinton McVay
Business and Community Relations Associate - Arts, Media and Entertainment
Scripps Ranch High School

"On behalf of the students in the Multimedia and Video Production classes at Scripps Ranch High School, I would like to thank you for your generous donation of a Canon Vixia HRR20 camcorder. The camcorder has already been put to use to record a variety of activities in the classes. It will continue to be used to help produce our two weekly school programs, Falcon 5 News and The Cage Report, as well as classroom projects such as public service announcements, claymation animation, documentaries and music videos. Thank you for your generous support of our multimedia and video production program!"

~ Mr. Mike Wasinski
Video Production and Multimedia Production Teacher
Scripps Ranch High School

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San Diego High School Culinary Arts
"Wow! This is very exciting news! I can not thank you enough for the consideration and the honor. I cannot wait to announce this to all of my classes today. We take students to a Culinary Competition each year that we also need to fund-raise for. This year, the competition is in Sacramento, and many of these students have never left the county - exciting for them, to say the least. They take pride in their facility (which was recently renovated) and their work. San Diego High is nearly 100% Free or Reduced lunch program, so help for these students translates to a lot of opportunities they may not otherwise have. I currently have 90+ students that will benefit and I will have a team of 8 that will be going to Sacramento this March for a Culinary competition."

~ Mr. Brian Murphy

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High Tech High Chula Vista Village Schools Cafe
"The HTHCV Cafe is a student-driven project to offer healthy snacks before and after school and promote business acumen and entrepreneurship. The purchase of a vending cart is the first step in a five-year vision that includes development a student cooperative garden where they grow and sell their own food to peers and their community and development of a culinary program which will pair students with local chefs in developing meal choices for not only before and afterschool, but with the goal to enlist interested students in helping grow, prepare, and serve their own food to their peers,families, and friends. Expected benefits include developing knowledge and skills related to business and entrepreneurship, nutrition, sustainability, recycling (composting), and community service."

~ Ms. Lisa Davis
Director of Community Partnerships
High Tech High Chula Vista Village Schools

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Scripps Ranch High School Culinary Arts and Management
"Thank you for your kind support, my students will be delighted. Students have a chance to earn scholarship money if they win or are in the top three position. It builds student confidence and enables them to showcase their skills on a state and national level. Students will be judged by international chefs."

~ Ms. Kimberly Coelho
Culinary Arts and Management
Scripps Ranch High School

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San Diego High School ROP Hospitality and Tourism
"The requested equipment will enhance student learning by providing them with opportunities to engage in hands on and project based learning experiences. The use of the equipment will enable students to document their activities and serve as a learning tool for future classroom projects. The equipment would be to help teach students the process of running a quality control room for video production. The students would learn the proper techniques on quality equipment that they could hopefully use at the next level of the education. During the school year 300 students will get experience on this equipment. Our programs are based on College and Career Readiness, through our multimedia course and video production course students will learn valuable skills that can be used for a base in an arts media career. Not only are they delighted, the students participated in filling out the request and wording it so they could get the experience. It's their first time doing it and imagine their delight when they see how successful they were!"

~ Ms. Charos Maull
Business and Community Relations Associate - Arts, Media and Entertainment
ROP Teacher
San Diego High School

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Madison High School Culinary Arts
"Wow! Thank you so much!! This is such an honor and the donation will be used for students who are definitely going to benefit from your generosity. The students will attend the State competition in Sacramento, March 24-26. Students will learn team building skills, work as professionals, gain access to the state's capital, meet industry professionals, be mentored by local working chefs and gain access to internships and possible future jobs."

~ Mr. Justin Halbert
AP Government, Culinary Arts, Food and Nutrition
Madison High School

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2011 Scholarship Award Recipients
The KMMF wishes to congratulate the 2011 Scholarship recipients:
  • Rebecca Ann Nolin $3,000
  • Rebecca graduates from Ramona High School. Her focus is in the automotive industry and she is commended for being the first girl to compete at the national level in an automotive technology. She is recognized as hardworking and fun to be around, and as having a great attitude. Rebecca plans to attend the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute at Universal Technical Institute (UTI).
  • Nestor Rodriguez $3,000
  • Nestor graduates from Ramona High School. Nestor intends to become a shop foreman at a dealership. He led his team to a 5th place finish at the NHRA high school competition. Although disappointed with not winning, Nestor showed great professionalism and style, reminding his teammates that they had placed ahead of many others in the competition. Nestor plans to attend Universal Technical Institute (UTI).
  • Paula Lycan $1,500
  • Paula graduates from Scripps Ranch High School. Her focus is in culinary arts. She was the SRHS ProStart Culinary Cup team captain as well as a participant in the Teen Iron Chef Competition. As a senior, Paula has already taken some culinary arts classes at the college level. There are several universities who are interested in her. She is deciding which one she will attend.
  • Alexander Hyunh $1,500
  • Alexander graduates from Scripps Ranch High School. He wants to work in the culinary field to support himself through college. After graduation he wants to own a restaurant that serves delicious and nutritious cuisine. Alex was on the SRHS ProStart Culinary Cup team. He is known to have proven himself in difficult situations epitomizing team spirit and great sportsmanship. He plans to attend community college, then transfer to a four-year school to obtain a degree in Nutrition.
    Scholarships awarded at the San Diego County & Imperial Valley CAROCP Annual Awards Meeting
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    Marston Middle School Construction Technology Program
    "Due to budget limitations, my program receives no funding. The only way Marston's program has survived is through students buying their projects and donations. I can't thank you enough for supporting my efforts to make Construction Technology available to students here at Marston Middle School."

    ~ Mr. L. P. Laughlin
    Construction Technology
    Marston Middle School

    Students in the Construction Technology Program
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    Scripps Ranch High School - Culinary Arts and Management
    "On behalf of my students I would like to thank TheKMMF for your generous contribution that made it possible for my students to compete in the Pro start competition. The teams did very well, both ranking within the top five out of twenty other teams from California. My students were so grateful for the experience and it definitely boosted their confidence in themselves and their abilities."

    ~ Kimberly Coelho
    Culinary Arts and Management -ROP
    Food Production and Nutrition, Gourmet and International Foods
    Scripps Ranch High School

    "It was a significant time in my life, it influenced my career choice for the future and it inspired me
    to do a lot more than I could have ever imagined before."

    ~ Davis Ho
    A junior at Scripps Ranch and competitor on the culinary team

    The images above include dishes the students produced at the competition.
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