The Kelly McGinnis Memorial Foundation is delighted to announce our award recipients for 2012:

Awards throughout the years:

Vista High School - ROP Photography, Graphic Design & Digital Art
"Thank you for providing this opportunity for the ROP Photography students at Vista High School. The battery pack KMMF generously donated to our program enables students to take our lighting equipment on location. Learning to use this professional equipment aids students in creating a professional level portfolio and helps them stand out in the competitive field of digital photography. I can't wait to see they images they take this school year using the pack. We cannot thank you enough!"

~ Laura McKay
ROP Photography, Graphic Design & Digital Art
Vista High School

This past June they had the chance to test out the equipment photographing portraits of 'Powderpuff' Football players before their game.
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2012 Scholarship Award Recipients
The KMMF wishes to congratulate the 2012 Scholarship recipients:
  • Pasual Tomas $4,000
  • Devin Scully $3,000
  • Joshua Benke $2,000

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    Vista High School - Culinary Program
    "My students needed chef jackets, hats and aprons to cook and serve in our Culinary Arts program. This professional dress is preparing students for the culinary and hospitaity industry, along with the safety and sanitation of the student and food."

    ~ Kim Plunkett
    Culinary Arts
    Vista High School

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    Mira Mesa High School - Culinary Arts and Management
    "Oh my goodness! This is coming just in time! Thank you so so much, AGAIN, for your support. The ProStart teams literally starting jumping up and down when I read them your email describing the award.
    The competition is pretty amazing. Not only does it challenge students who really have a passion for going into the industry, but students learn so much more about team work, networking with professionals, and applying for scholarships. The possible prizes for placing in the competiti9on include books, knives and tools...but the main thing is winning scholarships to support their goals of going on to culinary school. The first place team at state level goes on to Nationals to be on the food network and compete against other states for full ride scholarships."

    ~ Chef Zhee Zhee Aguirre
    Culinary Arts
    Mira Mesa High School

    Some view pleasure from our Mira Mesa High School students.
    A couple of pictures include culinary dishes the teams will be making during cmpetition.
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