The Kelly McGinnis Memorial Foundation is delighted to announce our award recipients for 2013:

Awards throughout the years:

Mira High School - Culinary Arts
The students had a video of their efforts where they won the Iron Chef competition. See their YouTube video. Congratulations!!!

~ Zhee Zhee Aguirre
Culinary Arts
Mira Mesa High School

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Lincoln High School - Theatre Arts
This evening I had a knock at my door and to my surprise was a delivery man with a huge box. Inside of this huge box was not only harnesses and safety equipment but a chance for my students and future students to do something not only amazing in the world of Theatre Arts but also develop a new understand and build a new knowledge for technical Theatre - skills that students will learn to help them for jobs outside of school, skills that are not traditionally taught or learned from a text book. I was almost bought to tears to know that other people out there understand that not every child learns the same way and that not every child has the opportunity to be exposed to different work type skills that will benefit them in the future in a job environment after they leave high school.
The catwalk in our school is state of the art but for some reason there were never any harnesses or safety equipment purchased, so whenever someone went up there they were not safe! But now thanks to your kind generosity and the McGinnis Memorial Foundation my students are able to learn skills that they can use in real jobs and apprenticeships outside of school and also complete their school work safely and successfully.
Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, my gratitude cannot be put into a simple email, so we shall be featuring your foundation and website on our new Abraham Lincoln Theatre Company website (which is being built as we speak) and also on my teacher website. We shall also be featuring your foundation in our next production's program of 'Let the Eagle Fly- the life story of Cesar Chavez' a musical, which will be performed for three nights starting April 18th, 2013.
Again, I cannot put into words what a beautiful gift you and your foundation has given us, but knowing that students are now able to use what we have at our school safely and in turn teach each other, is the greatest gift of all.

~ Maria Christodoulou
Theatre Arts
Lincoln High School

Here are some pictures of the students working in their harnesses on the catwalk. As you can see, it is a long drop from the top to the bottom, so with the harnesses the students are able to hang and move stage lights whilst being safe at the same time.
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