The Kelly McGinnis Memorial Foundation is delighted to announce our award recipients for 2020:

Awards throughout the years:

Westview High School - Computer Science Program
The program received 10 Sphero Mini and 10 Snap Circuit Jr. Spheros are programmable "robots" that allow students to see the results of their coding in a tangible way. Snap Circuits expose students to electrical engineering topics where they gain an understanding how programming and electrical engineering coincide.

~ Rachel Neumann
Computer Science Instructor
Westfield High School

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Monte Vista High School - Automotive Program

The auto shop program is thankful for you generous donation of three tool carts. These tool carts are being used on a daily basis, and we all enjoy the new colors. Attached are a few pictures of the students using the carts.
Once again, thank you for always supporting the auto program and our students at Monte Vista High School.


~ Michael Fleming
Automotive Program Instructor
Monte Vista High School

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Mission Hills High School - Careers in Education

The students received tee shirts for their team. This class is focused on students who wish to pursue a career in education and will gain experience through an internship during second semester at a local elementary school. The tee shirts will help indentify students as part of a team as well as bring a sense of professionalism to the students.


Apolo Rios
Careers in Education, AVID Senior Seminar Teacher
Mission Hills High School

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