The Kelly McGinnis Memorial Foundation (The KMMF) supports San Diego County school programs. In these tough economic times, we are proud of the support we can provide. To enter a request for financial assistance, click here.
If you are not convinced, please read on! The KMMF is taking requests for support from you,  the teachers who provide our kids with Career Technology Education (CTE) skills, in any of the following areas:
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DO NOT GIVE UP! The KMMF wants to fulfill as many CTE needs as we can! The KMMF will provide programs with the tools, parts, consumables, software, equipment, pots & pans, computers, and everything else that gives these youngsters a chance at a great career in their chosen vocation.
You are changing lives through CTE education and we are providing the means to make that happen! Together we can make a difference.  Tell us what you need and on what priority level and we will do our best to accommodate your program.
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